The Zoo Fence

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Walking The Path with Brother Theophyle

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Reading Ibn ’Arabi

Brother Theophyle is reading Whoso Knoweth Himself by Ibn ’Arabi, which says in part, “thou art not thou: thou art He, without thou.”

At that, Theo exclaims, “Yes, of course, that’s it! Finally I have figured out what Ibn ’Arabi is telling us in this passage.”

Rabbit responds, “Really?”

In the next panel, Theo explains, “For sure! Don't you see, by using the masculine pronoun ‘he’ here, Ibn ’Arabi's whole point is that God is male ”

Rabbit mutters unconvingly, “Yes, that must be it.”

A serpent, passing by, observes, “Theo, you’ve been sipping at the apple cider again, haven’t you?”

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