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Walking The Path with Brother Theophyle

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Whoso Knoweth

With a book in his hand, Brother Theophyle says, “I've been reading Ibn 'Arabi's book 'Whoso Knoweth Himself' where he says, 'Thou art not thou; thou art He, without thou'. I wonder what he means by that.”

Rabbit replies, “I suppose he means that God is all that exists, and so what all of us call 'me' is actually 'I' to God.”

Theophyle thinks about that, and then in the next panel, he exclaims, ”Wait a minute! Then who's the fool I so often seem to be? Me or God?”

Editor's Notes: (1) There is an extended excerpt from Ibn 'Arabi's book “Whoso Knoweth Himself” at TZF's Ampers&nd feature.
(2) An alternative last line for Theo in this cartoon was: “Wait a minute! If there is no me and no you, then there is no Ibn 'Arabi.”'
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