The Zoo Fence

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Walking The Path with Brother Theophyle

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Year of The Rabbit

Brother Theophyle says to Rabbit, “Have you heard? In the Chinese calendar, this is the Year of the Rabbit.”

Rabbit replies, “Of course, I have heard. This is my year!”

A dragon observes, “Next year is my year,” as an ox remembers, “My year was two years ago. It was cool,” and a tiger says, “Last year was my year.”

In the next panel, Theophyle grumbles, “Gee whiz. It seems like everyone has year, but me.”

To that, a squirrel offers, “I don't know what a year is, Theo, but if I have one, you may have it,” to which a chickadee adds, “Mine, too.”

Rabbit murmurs, “Oh, please.”