The Zoo Fence

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Walking The Path with Brother Theophyle

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Ninety Years!

On the wall is a calendar showing “Wednesday, June 24, 2009”.

Brother Theopyle says to Rabbit, “Today is Anna's and my wedding anniversary. Can you believe it, we've been married ninety years.”

Astonished, Rabbit responds, "Ninety years! That's not possible. How do you come to that figure?”

In the next panel, Theo replies, “Simple mathematics. I have been married to Anna for forty-five years; likewise, Anna has been married to me for forty-five years. Add it up. As any fool can tell you, 45 plus 45 equals 90.”

Rabbit says, “Quite right, any fool indeed.”

A spider hanging on a thread of web offers, “Happy Anniversary!”

Three Lady Slipper flowers agree, “From us, too. Congratulations!”