The Zoo Fence

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Walking The Path with Brother Theophyle

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Daylight Saving Time

A calendar on the wall shows “March - 2nd Sunday” and “November - 1st Sunday”.

Brother Theophyle, holding a clock, says, “It’s Daylight Saving Time again. Everyone gather round, and I’ll explain what that means, so we will all understand.”

Rabbit observes, “This should be interesting.”

In the next panel, to hear Theophyle’s explanation of daylight saving time, there have congregated a deer, two downy woodpeckers, a spider, a frog, a chickadee, a blue jay, a wren, a fox, a butterfly, a hawk, and, wound around the clock, a serpent.

Brother Theophyle explains, “Okay, here’s the way it works. Every March we steal an hour from winter, and give it to summer. That’s why summer is so warm. There are more hours for the sun to shine, for our gardens to grow, and for all of you to enjoy. Then, in the fall, when our gardens are done, and many of you migrate south, we give the hour back to winter, who is glad to have it back, of course, which is why Thanksgiving is celebrated in November. Is that clear? Are there any questions?”

Walking off in disbelief, Rabbit mutters, “Well, maybe just one …”