The Zoo Fence

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Walking The Path with Brother Theophyle

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Laundry Day

Brother Theophyle is putting his bed sheets into a clothes washer. There is a container of laundry soap on the floor beside his feet. Rabbit is in the room with him.

Theo complains, “I tell you, it is driving me crazy. Week after week, month after month, year after year, every Monday I wash my bed sheets. It’s distressing! Monday after Monday after Monday. I’m about to jump out of my skin.”

Rabbit suggests, “Here’s a thought. Instead of always on Monday, why not do your laundry some other days, like Wednesday or Friday?”

In the next panel, Theo exclaims, “Do my laundry Wednesdays instead of Mondays? That would change everything. What a brilliant idea!”

Rabbit replies, “Well, yes, but what I meant was … oh, never mind.”

To one side is a skunk, who opines, “Considering the way your species smells, I would suggest washing your bedding every day!”

At the other side is a garden snake, who wonders, “Did he say, out of his skin? I didn’t know humans could do that, too.”