The Zoo Fence

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Walking The Path with Brother Theophyle

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Take A Breath

Brother Theophyle is seated on the floor. His face is red, his eyes are bulging, his mouth is shut tight. He has the look of a person in extremis. Beside him, also on the floor, is a stack of several books.

Rabbit says to him, “Great honk, Theo, you look awful! What are you doing?”

Overhead there is a blue jay, who announces, “Everyone, come quickly! Theo is about to burst.”

On the floor is a white-throated sparrow who says, “Someone call 911”.

In the next panel, Theophyle is standing. He replies to Rabbit, “I have been reading in ancient yoga texts that a pre-determined number of breaths is allocated to each of us at birth, and when we have used them up, we die. So, of course, I am taking as few breaths a day as possible”.

At that, the blue jay and the sparrow fly off. The blue jay is counting breaths, “OK, let's see, in-breath: 1-2-3-4, out-breath: 5-6-7-8, hold: 9-10-11-12,

in-breath: 1-2 ...”, while the sparrow asks himself, “I wonder if I know how to hold my breath?”

Rabbit is silent, but his face suggests amused disbelief.

On the floor are three books titled “Ancient Yoga Texts”.