The Zoo Fence

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Walking The Path with Brother Theophyle

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Whatcha Got There

Brother Theophyle is talking to a squirrel who is chewing a nut. Rabbit is looking on. “Hey, squirrel,” Theo says, “Whatcha got there?”

The squirrel responds, “Squirrel? Why do you call me squirrel?”.

Theo replies, “Because that's what you are, a squirrel”.

In the next panel, the squirrel says, “Squirrel is a word. Do I look like a word to you?”

Theophyle answers, “Well, no. But if you are not a squirrel, what are you?”

In the third panel, the squirrel is biting Theo's hand. Theo is furious, and he curses at the squirrel: “Why you &*%$#(@!*&^!”

At that, Rabbit observes, “So, Theo, first he's a squirrel, now he's a &*%$#(@!*&^?”.

Editor's Note for those not fluent in American English: “Whatcha” is a slang contraction of “what have you” or “what are you”, as in “watcha got” for “what have you got” and “whatcha doing” for “what are you doing”.