The Zoo Fence

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Walking The Path with Brother Theophyle

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Leap Year

Brother Theophyle is at his desk, leaning back on his chair, his legs on his desk in front of him. On the wall is a calendar showing “Friday, February 29, 2008”. He says to Rabbit, “Oh, good grief, it's a leap year. Boo! I hate leap years .”

Rabbit asks, “Why do you hate leap years?”

In the next frame, Theo replies to Rabbit, “Well, I mean think about it. We're in the middle of winter, right? And February is one of winter's coldest months, right? So, giving an extra day to February just makes winter than much colder that much longer. It doesn't make sense.”

To the side is a rooster who observes, “Maybe, but it gives me another day to crow.”