The Zoo Fence

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Walking The Path with Brother Theophyle

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How Old ?

Brother Theophyle is reading a newspaper. He says to Rabbit, “Here's a news item about a fellow who died at 105 years of age. Wow! That's old.”

Rabbit replies, “You're right. One hundred and five years is a long life for a human body.”

In the next panel, Rabbit asks, “Does it say there how old he was when it was born?”

Rabbit's question puts consternation on Theo's face.

A squirrel sitting nearby comments to another squirrel, sitting next to him, “Will you look at the bewilderment on Theo's face!”

The latter responds, “Poor lad, Rabbit's got him positively flummoxed.”

Editor's Note: In a similar vein, see also Brother Theophyle here.