The Zoo Fence

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Walking The Path with Brother Theophyle

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Having It All

Brother Theophyle is listening to a commercial on a portable radio (boom box) urging him, “You can have it all! But only if you act quickly! Hurry, before it's too late, buy ...”

Theophyle says to Rabbit, “Do you hear that? I think I want to have it all. What do you think?”

Rabbit responds, “Sounds good to me.”

In the next panel, Theophyle says, ”But here's the thing. I'm not sure what it is, so how will I know when I've got it all?”

On the ground is Theo's boom box playing Luciano Pavarotti singing the Italian favorite, “O Sole Mio”. Sitting atop the boom box, singing along with it, is a chickadee, “O sole, o sole mio, sta in fronte a te, sta in fronte a te!”

Editor's Note: “O Sole Mio” is an Italian love song written in the Neapolitan dialect over a hundred years ago by Eduardo Di Capua and Giovani Capurro. The lyrics have been translated variously by various artists. Our literal translation of the Neapolitan in these lines, which we transcribed from a recording by Italy's great tenor, Luciano Pavarotti, is, “O sun, O my sun, it is in your face, it is in your face!”