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Walking The Path with Brother Theophyle

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Creation and Evolution

Brother Theophyle is excited. With a book labeled “Genesis” in one hand, and another book labeled “Darwin” in the other, he says, “I've just resolved the conflict between evolutionists and creationists. It's so obvious. Suppose, for example, that when God first created rabbits, they had tiny ears. Now, in that case, they would have been easy prey, because with tiny ears, they couldn't hear a predator sneaking up. So, millions of years ago, after having been snared by some dinosaur fox, an ancestor of yours arrives in Heaven, and says to God, 'You made rabbit ears too small'. And, guess what, God agrees, and redesigns rabbit ears. Nothing to it. Same story for all species.”

Rabbit replies, “Like you say, nothing to it.”

Sitting off to the side, a frog wonders, “What if Evolution was created at the Creation?”

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