The Zoo Fence

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Walking The Path with Brother Theophyle

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Warm in The Cold?

This cartoon is a little different. It opens with the following wonderment: “Okay, here's the thing — If all life is one, and all appearance of separation is an illusion, then how is it that ...”

Below which is an image of Brother Theophyle in a bathing suit on the beach, leaning against a palm tree, a bright sun overhead, and he says, “When I am basking in the sun in Hawaii ...”

Next is Rabbit, standing beside a tall fir tree, an ominous cloud overhead, and he says, “... and I am nibbling on frozen grass in Maine ...”

Back to Theo, who continues, “... how come I'm not shivering ...”

And finally, back to Rabbit, who concludes, “... and I'm not sweating?”