The Zoo Fence

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Walking The Path with Brother Theophyle

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I Am Not A Body

Brother Theophyle is walking in the woods, reading from the book, A Course in Miracles.

“Now, let’s see,” he announces, “today’s lesson is number 199.” Quoting from the manual, he reads, “I am not a body.”

At that, his attention focused on the printed page, Theo bumps squarely into the trunk of a large maple tree.

“Wait a minute,” he exclaims, the book flying from his hand, “If I’m not a body, how’d I bump into this tree?”

As Theo recovers, and starts to walk away, the tree speaks, “Sorry, Theo, my fault. I wasn’t looking where I’m going.”

On the ground, at the base of the tree, partly inside the cartoon and partly outside, is a copy of A Course in Miracles, opened to lesson number 199-b, which reads, “I am not a tree”.