The Zoo Fence

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Walking The Path with Brother Theophyle

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My Ankle!

Brother Theophyle is angry. His left ankle is swollen several times normal size, and it is extremely painful. He is on crutches. In his right hand is a doctor’s prescription sheet on which is written, “Rx: Fracture and Sprain”.

Theo whines, “Fractured! My ankle!,” putting a lot of emphasis on the personal pronoun. He continues, “I don’t get it. I do everything right. I eat right, I live right, I pray right. All for what? A fracture? It’s just not fair!”

Now, Theo is seated on the floor, a crutch in one hand. His ankle is still throbbing, and he is still whining.

He looks skyward. “How could You let it happen?” he demands, continuing, “After all I’ve done, why this? Why me? Why now?”

A Voice from beyond the cartoon responds: “Get a grip, Theo. You tripped on a rock.”

Theo becomes silent. He sits in a meditation position. To Theo’s right, poking her head into the cartoon, is Theo’s dog, reminding him the accident occurred while he and she were playing with a frisbee.