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On this page, we provide very brief, literal descriptions of the artwork that appears on The Zoo Fence. Here, we make no attempt to measure the quality or any other subjective aspect of the artwork. Suffice it to say that all of the artwork on The Zoo Fence is, by our standards, beautiful and inspiring. But that is less a factor of the visible or tangible graphic than it is of the energy the artist put into the work, which clearly cannot be described in words. So, if yours is a graphics-free browser, we urge you to read our description here, and then immerse yourself into the artist’s position. If you wish, you may jump to the page where the graphic appears by clicking on the title of the work.


Angel - An etching of a standing angel. By Nancy Nadzo
Anthuriums – Seven anthurium blossoms. Aprint of an oil painting by Shirley Russell.
Anunciation – India ink on paper of the Annunciation. By Paul Alexandre John
Aix-la-Chapelle – An engraving of church rooftops and steeples. Artist unknown.
Angel Too – An angel in prayerful flight. Illustration by W. T. Green in “Lane’s Arabian Nights”
Apples! – This is a leafy branch of an apple tree, laden with crisp, red, ripe fruit! By Nancy Nadzo
Assisi – The roofs and campanile (church bell tower) of the town of Assisi, while off in the distance is the Umbrian countryside. A painting by Shirley Russell. This work was completed many years ago, long before the 2000 earthquake in Assisi.
As the hart pants – An oil painting of a hart standing beside a brook. On the canvas is painted the first verse from Psalm 42: “As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after Thee, O God”.
Autumn Wind – A very large cloud formation in whites, pinks, blues, and grays, against a clear blue sky. By Nancy Nadzo
Bird – A black and white drawing of a bird of prey perched on a branch. This is an etching we scanned from “Lane’s Arabian Nights” published in 1889.
Blue Durga – A surreal portrait of Durga, one of the Hindu embodiments of the female Principle, in night-like blues, with assorted people, city scenes, and boats. A painting by Paul Alexandre John.
Bodhisattva – A photograph of a seated male figure in gold, from Smithsonian magazine.
Bowing Monk – An animated graphic consisting of four frames, showing a monk bowing and sitting. By Nancy Nadzo
Buddha I – a concrete statue of a sitting buddha, about twelve inches (30 centimeters) in height, set among leaves and grass.
Buddha II – A painting of the Buddha’s face by Sharka Glet.
A Buddhist Monk – A photograph of a Tibetan Buddhist monk, seated, apparently handling colored sand.
Caged Birds – Two ornate bird cages hanging from the branches of a tree. One of the cages has a single bird in it, the other seems to have two birds. An ink drawing illustration for a book by an unknown artist.
Cat in The Garden – A backyard scene of a cat seated next to an old wash tub surrounded by numerous flowering plants and bushes. By Nancy Nadzo
Cherub – A very young angel, seated, with short, curly hair and gorgeous wings. By Nancy Nadzo
Chickens – A rooster and three hens. Oil on canvas. By Nancy Nadzo
Cityscape – A view of a city park, including a pond, trees, and an apartment building. Oil on canvas. By Nancy Nadzo
Coming Home – A flock of geese landing in a pond. By Nancy Nadzo
The Dance – A man and a woman dancing beside a river. There are fish and a bird, and overhead, a night sky. A painting by Paul Alexandre John.
A Daoist Immortal – From a torn page out of a catalog of Chinese art; we do not know the source, artist, or medium. The label reads “Yan Hui, one of the eight Daoist immortals, enjoying a fierce playfulness with the world”.
Day Lilies – A close-up portrait of about eight blossoms and several buds, in pinks, reds, and yellows. By Nancy Nadzo.
Dragon – A mean looking dragon with big feet and lots of teeth. By Nancy Nadzo.
Dragon Too – A rampant dragon amidst a wash of reds, oranges, and yellows. By Nancy Nadzo.
Dragon Again – A partly coiled, partly rampant dragon, mouth wide open, very red eyes. By Nancy Nadzo.
Dusk – A cloudscape, blues and grays above, pinks and oranges below. By Nancy Nadzo.
Early Dusk – A cloudscape, blues, whites, and pinks. By Nancy Nadzo.
Eastern Sky – A cloudscape, all shades of blue, pinks, and yellows. By Nancy Nadzo.
Eclipse – An abstract representation of a lunar eclipse in blues with background reds and other colors. By Chard (
Empty Boat – A portrait of a small sailboat, apparently unmanned although the sail is set. A seagull flying past the mast. Behind the boat are mists or sea smoke, clouds, and mountains. By Nancy Nadzo.
Fifteen Star & Animal Carpet – Various shapes and numerous animals, including a horse, elephant, owl, snake, turtle, and many others, in a carpet shaped design. By Paul Alexandre John.
Flight! – A magnificent cloudscape at high altitude in oil on canvas, sized forty-eight inches by forty-eight inches, with various shades of blue and gray and some pinks.
Forgiveness – A gorgeous digital floral artwork in violets and lavenders and greens punctuated by a bright sun. By Mindy Sommers
Frog – A single frog, looking skyward, sitting on a leaf in a pond. By Nancy Nadzo.
Fulfillment of Desires – The face of Jesus and a crown of thorns. By Sharka Glet.
The Games Our Children Play – A busy city-scape, including a baseball diamond, a soccer field, lots of people, and a black madonna.
Untitled – A girl standing in a field with a harvesting sickle in hand. The work is signed Julia or Julio Preston, and dated 1881. The medium may be charcoals.
Goddess of Love – A woman’s face in profile. By Sharka Glet.
Guido’s Tree – A small, single evergreen tree (blue fir or blue spruce?), surrounded by assorted other plants which are somewhat lost in a low, thick mist. By Nancy Nadzo.
Guru Sky – An expansive cloudscape over water. By Nancy Nadzo.
Haiku – An abstract in blues with assorted geometric shapes in other colors. By Chard (
Happy Birthday – An expanse of the cosmos. By Nancy Nadzo.
Hong Kong – This is a print in pastel colors of (we believe) Hong Kong harbor by an unknown artist.
Horse – A water color of a horse in full gallop copied from the book “My Country and My People” by Lin Yutang.
I Bow To Thee – A man in robe and turban, bowing. Illustration by W. T. Green in “Lane’s Arabian Nights”
In My Backyard – A backyard of a home in Hawaii, showing a piece of the porch, with railing and steps, a fence, a coconut tree, several flowering bushes, and mountains in the background. A painting by Anna Raimondi.
Iridescence – A cloudscape, very dark blues, grays around a center of pinks and yellows. There is a single bird in flight. By Nancy Nadzo.
Iris – A portrait of a single iris blossom atop a stem in various shades of red, orange, and yellow, with greens and blues in the stem and a few leaves. By Nancy Nadzo.
Jackson – A sketch of a sleeping dog. By Nancy Nadzo.
Janet’s Peonies – A still life of five peony blossoms in a small, round container. The blossoms vary in color, being white, pink, and red. By Nancy Nadzo.
Etching of Jesus College, University of Oxford. Among the four persons in front of the building is a man playing with his dog. The artist is unknown.
Jesus in The House of Martha and Mary – Jesus is seated, gesturing as if speaking, and beside him, also seated, is Mary, while her sister Martha is standing, possibly talking to Jesus and/or serving him something. A sketch by Rembrandt.
Jewel in The City – Viewed from above, a baseball stadium, with players on the field and fans in the stands, and a city’s skyline. A painting by Paul Alexandre John.
Joan of Arc – A young girl, a suit of armor at her side, kneeling before a statue of Mary and child, by Mme. Zoe-Laure De Chatillon, Photogravure Goupil & Co.
Kali Ma at Mt Kailash and Lake Mansarovar - A representation of the Goddess Kali at two of the sacred sites associated with her. Acrylic on paper by Paul Alexandre John.
Kali Ma – India ink in black and white on paper of the Goddess Kali by Paul Alexandre John.
Kaneohe Bay – An oil on canvas painting of Kaneohe Bay on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. By Nancy Russell Nadzo.
Lopez – A water color drawing of a jaguar (the animal, not the automobile) by Charles R. Knight.
Love & Psyche – A photogravure by Lioner Royer, depicting the mythological creature Psyche, the soul, in the form of a beautiful young woman, in the arms of Eros, or Love, who loves her.
Kalahara Bushman – a sculpted mother and child of the Kalahara Bushman tribe of South Africa, by Malvina Hoffman, in the “Hall of Man”, Field Museum, Chicago. Scanned from a photograph in “Heads and Tales” (1936)
Kali Dancing – A lone female figure, fancifully dressed, flowers in her hair, dancing in a fast-moving mountain stream, surrounded by rocks and plants, her arms and one leg outstretched. By Nancy Nadzo.
Lion – A majestic male lion, recumbent in grasses, his head up and alert. By Nancy Nadzo.
Lunar Sky – A dark cloudscape in a night Malayan Tiger – A watercolor drawing by Charles R. Knight of a tiger in the jungle.
Meditation – A dove in flight amidst clouds and a bright light. By Nancy Nadzo.
Mexican Scene – A village street scene, presumably somewhere in Mexico. Watercolor on paper by Shirley Russell.
Migrant Madonna – A photograph of a female migrant worker and two children, taken in California in 1936 by Dorothea Lange. Smithsonian Magazine, March 2002.
Monk on A Mug – This is an image of a monk copied off a beer mug.
Monk at Laptop – A monk at Holy Cross Abbey in Berryville, Virginia, working at a laptop computer. Photo by Nick Kelsh, appearing in the book 24 Hours in Cyberspace, reproduced on The Zoo Fence with permission
Mother and Child – A woman, with a halo, holding a child on her lap. In the background are two other persons, one male and one female. A painting by Paul Alexandre John.
Mother Nature – Head and shoulders of a determined-looking female, in grays and black. A painting or drawing by Anna Raimondi.
Mt. Fuji – A color photograph by Burt Glinn of Japan’s Mt. Fuji, showing the peak with clouds beneath it. In the foreground are two monks in robes, standing, silhouetted, one with hands together in a prayer position.
Mt. Kilimanjaro to Perry Maine – A hanging sculpture of rocks from the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the beach at Santa Barbara in California, and the shoreline at Perry in Maine, by Julie Tomlinson Pascone.
Nene – A lithograph by Stanley Stearns of two nene, which are geese native to the Hawaiian Islands.
Noah’s Ark – In the foreground, an ark with compartments inhabited by various animals (all paired). In the background, rows of various animals (again, all paired) making their way to the ark. A painting by Paul Alexandre John.
Old North Church, Boston – A print of the Old North Church in Boston. It is signed E. E. Anthony.
Pali Road – An oil-on-canvas painting by Nancy Nadzo of a piece of the Pali Road above Honolulu, Hawaii. The artist has beautifully captured the dark, tunnel-like effect of the road running under an overgrowth of trees.
Parrot – An oil on board of a parrot on a swing. By Shirley Russell..
Pieta – The Virgin Mary holding in her arms the dead body of Jesus. From above, there shines on them a ray of light. This is a photograph of a painting dated 1891. The artist’s name is illegible.
Pink Iris – A portrait of an iris stem with about four pinkish blossoms, one bud, and several leaves. By Nancy Nadzo.
Pink Buddha – An etching in deep pink of the seated Buddha. By Nancy Nadzo.
Plumeria – Plumeria blossoms. A print of a woodblock by Shirley Russell
Poppies – An oil painting of poppies in bloom. By Nancy Nadzo.
The Presence – This is an old (late 19th or early 20th century) gravure by Franz Hanfstaengl of an image by A. E. Borthwick. We found it at an estate auction in Downeast Maine. It depicts the inside of a large cathedral, presumably European. At the very back, in a dark corner behind the last pew, there kneels a figure, perhaps in fear or penitence. Behind the figure, glowing with light, is Christ. There is a reference to Matthew 28.20, “I am with you always”.
Queen Liliuokalani – A portrait, in browns and yellows, of Hawaii’s Queen Liliuokalani. A painting by Anna Raimondi.
Red Angel – A composition including several people, a couple of birds, a leopard, an airplane, a river, and an angel. A painting by Paul Alexandre John.
Rembrandt – A photogravure of an oil painting (we believe). It is a self-portrait of the artist seated alone.
Rose of The River, a print of a color drawing of a young woman with a flowered straw hat. By George Wright
Rose Windows, Rheims Cathedral – A colored etching of the stained glass rose windows in the cathedral, Notre Dame de Reims. By James Alphege Brewer
Rooster – A portrait of a rooster in water colors by Samuel Kim (
Rose Glen – A portrait of a large, wild rose plant with numerous pink blossoms. By Nancy Nadzo.
Rouen – La Rue St. Romain, an etching of a narrow street lined on both sides by buildings, a person on the sidewalk, a cart in the road. It is signed, as best we can read it, “LRobin”.
Schoodic Point I – Waves breaking against the rocks at Schoodic Point in Acadia National Park, Maine. By Nancy Nadzo.
Schoodic Point II – Waves breaking against the rocks at Schoodic Point in Acadia National Park, Maine. By Nancy Nadzo.
Sea Gulls – A portrait of five sea gulls playing the surf. By Nancy Nadzo.
Sitting Angel – A female angel in flowing dress with wings open, seated on a rock. By Nancy Nadzo.
Sprite – An indeterminate inked figure awash in assorted colors. By Nancy Nadzo.
Sunflowers – About thirteen sunflower blossoms and a few other flowers in a tall vase. By Nancy Nadzo.
Tara – In Tibetan Buddhism particularly, Tara is the embodiment of compassion. Here, mostly in greens, she is seated in a meditation position on a lotus flower. By Nancy Nadzo.
Tending Growth (our title) – This is a half-tone of two women tending a tree, perhaps in an orchard. There is a third person seated in the grass, and what appears to be the god Pan playing his flute. From a half-tone in “Century Magazine” vol. LXIX (1904-05)
Three boys leaning on a wall, looking out toward a body of water, along a country road. A water color signed D. Rothnell
Thrush – A thrush sitting in a branch with a night sky behind. From an etching in “Lane’s Arabian Nights” (Chatto & Windus, London, 1889, Vol. II).
Malayan Tiger – A water color drawing of a tiger by Charles R. Knight.
Tiger and Cobra – A Bengal tiger meets a hooded cobra. A painting in oils by Nancy Nadzo, after a lithograph by Knight.
Doodle of a tree – A small sketch in ink of a tree. Doodled by Nancy Nadzo.
Trilogy – A composition of assorted people, a river, boats, a bus, automobiles, buildings, musical instruments, and birds. A painting by Paul Alexandre John.
Untitled – An original drypoint etching of a rural scene, possibly of a logging station, including a river, several rustic structures, cut logs, and woods scenery. It is signed Stephen Parrish.
Untitled – A hand-colored etching or drypoint of a rural scene including a house with a tower beside a river. It is signed Raffray.
Venice – An etching of the head of a canal in Venice.
Verbena – About thirty verbena blossoms – white, reds, purple. By Nancy Nadzo.
Vieille Auberge – A hand-colored etching or drypoint of a rural scene including a small building beside a river with a village in the background. It is signed Raffray.
Virgin and Child – A print of the painting by Sandro Botticelli of the Virgin Mary with the Christ child in her lap. The original is at the Poldi Pezzoli Gallery in Milan, Italy.
The Vision of St Bernard – Kneeling in a church courtyard, Bernard experiences a vision of Mary. There is a book on the ground and a bird in flight. By Bernard by Wilhelm Bernatzik, photogravure Hanfstaengl
Water Lily – A large, white water lily blossom amidst its own leaves afloat in a pond. By Nancy Nadzo.
Wave Study – A close-up of salt water and a small crested wave. By Nancy Nadzo.
Wave Study V – A close-up portrait of a breaking wave. Particularly evident are the spray and the light shining through the wave’s crest.
Winged Victory of Samothrace – A statue of a winged, robed female figure in forward motion. The head, left arm, and left wing are missing (broken off). This statue is on display in the Louvre museum in Paris.
Woman – A seated, downcast woman, chained to the wall. This is an etching we scanned from “Lane’s Arabian Nights” published in 1889.
Woman – A standing woman, perhaps even in flight. This is an etching we scanned from “Lane’s Arabian Nights” published in 1889.
A Woman’s Head – A drawing by Leonardo da Vinci of a slightly bowed head of a woman with long, curly hair, her eyes closed or looking downward.
A Woman of Canaan – A sketch by Rembrandt of Jesus standing, looking toward a woman who is approaching him on her hands and knees. Standing behind and around Jesus are eight or so other people.
Woman of Summer – Annie – A sculpture in fired clay by Karen Turdo of a woman in summer dress and hat, seated, with her back to the viewer.