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Date Page Action
December 30 theophyle Post “After Life”
December 29 desktop Post “I am done”
December 6 myspace Add “Healing Crystals”
December 6 quepray Add new source page (see here)
December 6 prayer Post “Grant me light”
November 1 theophyle Post “Daylight Saving Time”
October 1 theophyle Post “Do Your Horoscope”
September 15 prayer Post “I surrender myself”
September 1 theophyle Post “There Be Dragons”
August 29 gazebo Post “Rapture Me This “
August 28 openspace Post “Awakening The Inner Sense – Some Methods & Meditation Objects”
August 18 openspace Post “Trust Your Self “
August 16 health Add “Stretchware”
August 14 myspace Add “Free Maziar Bahari” & “Spiritual Humor”
August 13 myspace Add “Spiritual Ephesus”
August 3 theophyle Reprise “In The Garden”
July 26 art Post “Chickens” by N. Nadzo
July25 letters Post “Caring for Others”
July 3 flags Add seven additional flags!
June 23 theophyle Post “Ninety Years!”
June 10 art Post “Schoodic I” and “Schoodic II” by N. Nadzo
June 2 anna Post book review “Mouches Volantes”
June 1 theophyle Post “Bumping into A Friend”
May 29 gazebo Post “Death or Not”
May 25 desktop Memorial Day
May 17 anna

Add Anna's “amplification of terms”

May 9 pray098 Post “How busy I am”
May 1 theophyle Post “Whatcha Got There “
April 30 anna Post book review “Cartwheels in a Sari “
April 24 mypace Add “LibForAll Foundation”
April 10 myspace Add “Blogs”
April 2 consider Post “Rooster”
April 2 linksmed Add “Advanced Chiropractic Huntington Beach”
April 2 consider Post “As The Hart Pants”
April 1 theophyle Post “Favorite President “
March 17 myspace Add “haiku-urku”
March 10 theophyle Post “Laundry Day”
March 9 myspace Add “Super Wisdom”
March 8 ecocon Add ARRA emblem
March 8 linkseco Add “eCo Wheelz”
March 1 ampers&nd Post article by Dr. Erik Steele
February 19 theophyle Park Theo's “Valentine's Day” link until next year
February 14 theophyle Add link to “Valentine's Day” at theohome page
February 2 theophyle Post “The Calendar”
February 1 index Restore home page (see January 19)
January 21 openspace Post “Releasing Emotional Baggage”
January 19 index Post temporary inaugural home pages
January 14 linkseco Add several State recycle links
January 2 theophyle Post “Take A Breath”
January 1 n/a Rollover this page for the new year


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