One day,
a fellow comes upon another
in a life-and-death struggle
with God.

“Why in the world,” the first asks, “would you
take on such a formidable opponent?
How can you possibly expect to win?”

“You don’t understand,”
gasps the other, between strangleholds,
“I hope to lose!”


The Great Jihad is fought within.
The only Holy War that makes any real difference
is being waged right now …
in your heart, in my heart.

There, we know that abject surrender
offers the only true triumph.
But we cannot stop ourselves from fighting on.
“Yes but” and “If only” and “Gimme!” our constant, pointless battle cries.

Happily, God so loves us,
we are protected against ourselves,
and we do no real harm.
But how we sweat. How we strain.
How we suffer.

Then, suddenly, we see.
And we let go.
Embraced by the Infinite,
we are utterly
Lost in Victory.

Thank God.