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Introduction to Nancy's Blog

Posted: December 14th, 2012, 6:51 pm
by Speculum
The following is Nancy's description of this "Nancy Blog":

The intention of this blog is to write a journal about my own spiritual search. Because it is a journal of sorts, and thus entries will usually be consecutive, I will date each subject entry with its entry date to make it easier to follow my thoughts as they unfold. The forum enters a date by entry as well, but for my own flow, the date on the title is relevant. (You can default your own computer to list entries by "post time" "ascending", if you wish, below the forum subject list.) These entries are open to comment if others wish to comment, and it is possible that threads will result from these comments. I may comment on the comments, and we may generate a progressive discussion as a result. Or others, alone or together, from their comments, may create threads on their own, even if I don’t contribute further to the threads. The purpose, after all, of recording one’s own experience, is to encourage others to pursue their own, or to console or reinforce others who experience similar difficulties and apprehensions in their own journey. My experiences may be useful, or not, to others’ pursuits of happiness and meaningfulness in their own journeys.

My username at TZF's Open Forum is "Anna". That's why all the items which I contribute throughout Open Forum show the writer as "Anna".