Open Forum Outage

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Open Forum Outage

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As some of you will have noticed, The Zoo Fence website ( and, including TZF's Open Forum, was inaccessible much of yesterday and today (January 3 and 4). Our domain host, OLM, experienced technical problems which took longer than expected to resolve. I regret the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.

In the process of their work, the OLM technicians needed to restore TZF to their server using their backup files, which were made a couple of days ago. As it happens, since OLM's most recent backup, I had uploaded some new or revised files which were not reflected in OLM's backup package. Fortunately, I keep copies of all TZF files, and so today I have been able to replace those few files (notably the new Theophyle cartoon) missing from OLM's backup.

However, I do not make regular backup copies of Open Forum material. What that means is that if any new Open Forum members signed on, or if any existing members worked on their profile (like, changed their password), or if anyone made any new posts in the last couple of days, that information may have been lost, and, if so, will need to be redone.

So, if you have any difficulty logging onto Open Forum, or encounter any other issues, let me know, and together we'll work it out.