This way to nothingness?

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This way to nothingness?

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A while ago, TZF’s good friend ihavesayso called our attention to an interesting conversation about “nothingness” going on here – a conversation in which he plays an intriguing part. I recommend it to all.

Coincidentally ... (whatever that word means – the longer I travel this path, the more apparent is it to me that everything is a coincidence … that is, everything, what we call past, present, and future, is occurring simultaneously, if it is even occurring at all!) ... Anyway, coincidentally, a few days ago, I posted a new article to TZF's Ampers&nd feature by physicist Robert Lanza which addresses some of the same stuff in a fascinating way.

Small world.
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Re: This way to nothingness?

Post by W4TVQ »

That's quite an article!

Coincidentally, I am reading right now the book Origins by Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and geting a huge brainache from hearng about thngs like dark matter and dark energy. Things that exist, but don't: the only property of which seems to be gravity -- no mass. And subsequently about the possibility of parallel universes tuching ours but having no effect on ours except, once again, gravity.

Put that n top of Hawking's Brief History of Time, and you have an entirely upside-down and (I think) liberating view of the universe. And of God. This article seems to rther sum up the whole thing.

Thanks fr the link

Jai Ram
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Re: This way to nothingness?

Post by Ihavesayso »

In the "Nothingness" discussion, I make reference to Dr. Bruce Lipton, a biologist, whose "cell consciousness theory," makes very asorbing reading. Incidentlky, he and Swami Beyiondadama, are colaborating on a "Heartland Security" project, based upon love, to replace "Homeland Security," which is based upon fear.
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