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This is the archive of TZF's Open Forum. By that we mean, most of the original articles are available here for reading, but the forum is "locked", meaning that no new threads, replies, etc. can be initiated.

Our plan is to leave these articles here as long as there seems to be interest in reading them.

For your information, users "zoofence" and "speculum" are both TZF's founder, editor, principal contributor, website designer, maintainer, and so on, in a word moi meme, Stefan. "Anna" is Nancy.

A note to our current users: On March 1, 2011, we moved TZF to a new host InMotion. In the process, the Open Forum avatar assignments (the images associated with each user) got scrambled. To restore them, log in, click on Control Panel, then Profile, and select the appropriate avatar. (It is possible that some passwords got scrambled too, so if yours does not work, write me, and I will fix that.)