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Fully Involved

Postby zoofence » March 1st, 2008, 3:35 pm

Today, I re-posted Fully Involved to TZF’s Integral Health. It had been off the site for about a year, at the request of the author, who is a long-time friend of The Zoo Fence. This piece is about how she and her husband dealt with the treatment of their son’s leukemia. As I read it, it is a powerful story, nicely written. It is particularly compelling because, besides being the boy’s mother, she is also a Registered Nurse, and so brings to the experience all the knowledge and competence which naturally accompany that profession.

What the author learned from her experience, and what she is teaching us, is that in order to treat an illness effectively, it is essential that everyone involved, everyone affected, and that means not just the patient and the medical practitioners, but family and friends, too, be fully involved.

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