Take But A Little Word

If you would have a naked intent direct unto God without any other cause than himself, and if you would have this intent lapped and folded, in one word so that you should more easily keep it in your mind, take but a little word of one syllable: it is better than two for the shorter it is the more it accords with the Spirit. And such a word is this word “God” or this word “love”. Choose which you will, or another, whichever appeals to you of one syllable. And fasten this word to your heart, so that it never leaves you whatever befalls.

This word shall be your shield and your spear, whether you ride in peace or in war. With this word you shall beat on this cloud and this darkness above you. With this word you shall smite down all manner of thoughts under the cloud of forgetting. Insomuch, that if any thought presses upon you to ask of you what you are doing, answer with no more words but with just this one word. And if your questioning mind wishes to expand on the meaning of that word or to tell you the conditions of it, answer it that you will have it whole and not broken or undone. And if you will hold fast to this purpose, be sure your thoughts will no longer trouble you. And why? Because you have not allowed them to feed on that sweet meditation of God.

The Cloud of Unknowing