Expand the horizons
of what you call “me” and “my life”
until it includes and embraces
the Entire Universe,
All That Is.
Everyone and everything,
wherever and whenever.
No if’s, no but’s, no exceptions.

Say, “I live here,”
and mean everywhere.
Say, “I love that,”
and mean everything.
Say, “I am this,”
and mean all of it.
Say it, and mean it.

Keep saying it,
until you mean it.
Keep saying it,
until it goes without saying.

Do this today and every day,
as a meditation practice and as a life exercise.
Do it consciously, confidently, and constantly,
in humility, joy, and love.

Of course, it’s difficult.
And tiresome.
Even scary.
But do it right,
and you will have all the Help you need.
Besides, it is the Truth,
and the Truth is what you Are.

So Be It