Dearest God and Most Precious Teacher,

Here I am again, up against my life.
I saw this one coming,
and I thought I was ready.
But not even close.

And so, here I come to You again,
in fear and in tears,
to pray, and to say,
I can’t do this.

And Here Am I Again,
In Love and in Joy,
Reminding you, Promising you,
Yes, you can!

Do You not feel me trembling?
Hear me whimpering?
I tell You,
I can’t do this.

Do you not see Me doing it?
Hear Me accomplishing it?
You and I will attend to this, whatever it is,

Once again, I tell you,
Do not think of your life as your life,
But as Me.
I Am your sobbing, I Am your laughter.
I Am the Stuff of your days and your nights,
The Stuff of your fears and your tears,
The Stuff of your strengths and your joys,
The very Stuff of your very Self.

Whatever you perceive wherever you look

Focus on That
Take refuge in That
Stand upon That