All our fears
rest upon a misunderstanding about who and what we are.
All our fears.

God the One is Infinite, Eternal, and Happy. Now and always.
You and I are Whole, Perfect, and Complete Manifestations of That.
Now and always. Without exception.

It does not appear so because you and I observe
ourselves and everything else
We walk in reverse,
and wonder why we never seem to get where we are going.
We reach into emptiness,
and wonder why our grasp comes back empty.
We want all the wrong things,
and wonder why they never seem to satisfy.
We ask all the wrong questions,
and wonder why the answers don’t answer.
We concentrate on the outside,
while all of the action is taking place within.

None of that is a sin.
Neither does any of it alter, or in any way threaten,
the Fundamental Truth about our Self.
It is, simply, silly.

There is the One. It is Infinite, Eternal, and Happy. Now and all ways.
There is only the One. There is no thing else. Never was, never will be.
We and the One are One and the Same. Already.
Always have been. Are now. Always will be.

We have nothing to fear,
but ignorance.

Find out …
Who I Am, What I Am, Where I Am.