Dearest God and Most Precious Teacher,
Once again, I come to You just a little afraid of my life.
Of loneliness. Of poverty. Of illness. Of death. Of other people.
Wishing I were other than who I think I am.
Wealthier, healthier, handsomer. Married, not married, differently married.
Stronger, taller, leaner. Younger. Older.
Working somewhere else. Living somewhere else.
Being someone else.

Why can I not find the joy and peace in my life
That others seem to find in theirs?

I know the problem is simply that I do not know Who I Am in Truth.
And that, if I did, all my fears would vanish. And I would feel whole.
But knowing doesn’t seem to be enough.
I “know it,” yet nothing changes!
You must do this for me. Please do this for me. Help me ...
To See myself as You See me,
To Know myself as You Know me,
To Love myself as You Love me.
And, most difficult of all, to let You help me.