In the beginning, the eden conspiracy unveiled by the zoo fence

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Piangendo dissi, “Le presenti cose
col falso lor piacer volser miei passi,
tosto che'l vostro viso si nascose”.
Dante Alighieri

In tears, I said, “Stuff,
With its false appeal, lured me astray
soon as you hid your face”.
Our translation

•  In The Beginning  •
The Eden Conspiracy Unveiled

Author’s Note: This book neither is nor is it intended to be an academic consideration of the Bible. I am not a theologian, a biblical scholar, or a historian. In the context of this book, my interest in the passages of the Bible considered here is solely as a spiritual seeker, one who has undertaken a personal, inner journey for the Truth of who and what I am. I know that many of my statements, and perhaps even all of my conclusions, will not reflect, and perhaps may even contradict, current orthodoxy, theology, and history. I mean no disrespect by that, but it does not concern me, for again I am not an academic, and this is not an academic undertaking. For me, the Bible, like other scriptures, is a guide and a tool and a vehicle which can facilitate and accelerate my passage along the spiritual path only if I understand its message to me. Therefore, I take it to be my duty to discover and understand its meaning to me personally, to decipher what the Universal Teacher intends for me to see in it and to do by it. All of that is what I hope to share with you, and I ask that you read it in that spirit.

Chapter 1 – Asking The Question

Chapter 2 – The Fall: Catastrophe or Conspiracy?

Chapter 3 – Mirror, Mirror

Chapter 4 – Madam, I'm Adam

Chapter 5 – The Devil You Say

Chapter 6 – It is Accomplished

Chapter 7 – Now We Are One

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The Zoo Fence

The Zoo Fence

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