The Zoo Fence Peace and Joy Everlasting!

This was TZF's December Card for the year 1999.
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For those living in the planet's northern hemisphere, the winter solstice is a time of celebration, for it signals the return of the light. From mid-summer on, the days shorten, the nights lengthen, and darkness reigns. Now, in the twelfth month, that process reverses. The sun strengthens, and the light returns. Virtually all spiritual traditions recognize the symbolism residing in this astronomical phenomenon, and celebrate it. Here, at The Zoo Fence, we join in that joy by sharing a few of the happy messages we have received.

The Zoo Fence

What I read on your site rings many bells in my heart. Right now, thanks to your writings, I feel better about everything that is happening in my life and around me. Thank you for the inspiration and the breath of freshness. I also love Anna's paintings.

Ontario, Canada

Holiday Greetings

I just wish to say that the writings I have read here have brought me joy, and I pray that you are very joyful and peaceful, the way these writings bring that to me.

Zurich, Switzerland

Holiday Greetings

A beautiful way to start my day!

Anchorage, Alaska

Holiday Greetings

Every time I visit, I love The Zoo Fence more.


Holiday Greetings

WOW! Such great stuff for my soul. Can't wait to come back.


Holiday Greetings

This is a wonderful gift.


Holiday Greetings

This is the first site that touches my heart with honest, deeply felt hope. You are providing a haven.

New Jersey

Holiday Greetings

This site is wonderful and I will be returning frequently.


Holiday Greetings

Thank you again for your light on the net. I always find center after visiting here.

Kauai, Hawaii

Holiday Greetings

Thanks for being here.

Santiago, Chile

Holiday Greetings

What a lovely place this is, filled with peace and joy. I am so grateful I found it.


Holiday Greetings

Thank you for the uplifting note. It comes at a time in my life when I really need it.


Holiday Greetings

This Web Site is a candle in the darkness.


Up, up, and away

We thank you one and all, and we wish you well!
Thank you!
December, 1999