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Date Page Action
December 28 Medical Links Add “Nurse Practitioner Programs”
December 14 nancy Rename “Anna’s Page” to “Nancy’s Page”
November 27 art Post “Rose Windows, Rheims Cathedral”
November 23 ampers&nd Post Matthew Fox on Ste Hildegard
November 11 myspace Add “No Mind’s Land” to whom permission given to upload theo058.html
September 29 openspace Post “I Am Boundlessness”
August 30 art Post “Plumeria”
August 29 art Post “The Vision of St Bernard”
August 28 art Post “Anthuriums”
August 28 art Post “Rose of The River”
August 28 art Post “Joan of Arc”
August 20 openspace Post “How energy can affect you”
August 15 prayer Post “Friend, why are you worried”
August 7 prayer Post “Compassionate friend”
August 4 gaszebo Post “It’s a bubble”
July 28 art Post “Parrot”
July 25 art Post “Mexican Scene”
July 21 gazebo Post “Creation … ”
June 24 prayer Post “A great drama”
June 23 prayer Post “O Lord, Put No Trust”
June 22 openspace Post “Life is Eternal Newness ”
June 3 prayer Post “Not To Despise”
June 3 prayer Post “Guide My Hand”
May 11 linksmed Add “Women’s Guide to Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation”
April 19 myspace Add “Feng Shui Import”
March 12 gazebo Post “Can’t See Me”
March 11 stories Post books to Barnes and Noble NOOK
March 7 stories Un-enroll books in's Kindle KDP Select
March 1 theo Post “The Word Religion”
February 20 openspace Post “The Wondrous Journey”
February 10 linksmed Add “Health Adminsitration Degrees”
February 7 theo Post “Reading Ibn ’Arabi”
January 29 theo Post “God Exists”
January 13 theo Post “Here I Am”
January 12 links Add “Real Cures”
January 9 links Add “Medical Assistant Colleges”
January 9 gazebo Post “Absent Me”
January 1 n/a Rollover this page for the new year

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