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Date Page Action
December 23 links Add "Find Your Fate"
December 8 stories Enroll books in's Kindle KDP Select
December 4 linksmed Add "Masters in Health Science"
December 2 videos Add "Shades of Ray"
November 30 openspace Add "The Symbols of Christmas"
October 17 myspace Add "O-Books Publishing"
October 17 openspace Post "The Silence of The Mind"
October 10 prayer Post "Tao Te Ching"
September 15 amper Post "Twice Narcissus"
September 15 myspace Added "The Seer"
March 1 aboutzf Move TZF from OLM to InMotion
February 27 theophyle Post "Year of The Rabbit"
February 23 myspace Add "Guru"
January 2 Anna’s Page Post "On Being Born"
January 1 n/a Rollover this page for the new year


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