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Date Page Action
December 19 Guest Book Removed for repairs
December 8 myspace Add “2012 Enlightenment”
December 5 openspace Post “Start Feeling More!”
November 25 prayer Post “Traveler’s Prayer”
November 8 openspace Post “Edgar Cayce’s Story of The Last Supper”
November 5 links Add “Trans-Formers”
September 28 stories Post to Kindle “Take Off Your Shoes” and “The Cranberry Tales”
September 24 anna Post “Regarding Blame”
September 2 myspace Add “Channeling Erik”
August 22 myspace Add “Church of The Churchless”
July 28 prayer Post “I have no parents”
July 25 theophyle Post “Horror Story”
July 7 theophyle Post “Dinner out?”
July 3 openspace Post “The Anatomy of Guilt”
June 24 openspace Post “Edgar Cayce Becomes A National Celebrity”
June 8 myspace Add “Enhanced Healing”
May 29 openspace Post “Edgar Cayce’s First Miracle Readiing”
May 22 n.a. Changed servers at OLM (PlusMail to cPanel platform)
May 19 openspace Post “Edgar Cayce’s Earliest Psychic Readings”
May 9 ampers&nd Post extended excerpt from “The G.O.D. Experiments”
May 9 openspace Post “Edgar Cayce on The Sources of Psychic Information”
March 12 myspace Add “Truth Contest”
February 15 Open Space Post “Edgar Cayce’s Story of Stonehenge”
February 11 myspace Add “Truth and Reality”
January 29 Open Space Post “Take Responsibility For Yourself”
January 1 n/a Rollover this page for the new year


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