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Date Page Action
December 13 tekstuff Add “Sender Policy Framework”
December 8 ecocon Add “Nature Publishing Group”
December 7 december Post “December Card” for 2008
December 7 theohome Post December cartoon
November 25 myspace Add “A Voluptuous God”
November 19 myspace Add “”
November 2 consider Add etching “Rouen - La Rue St. Romain”
November 1 theophyle Post “Compiling Differences”
October 30 thisenthat Add “Privacy Rights Clearinghouse”
October 16 medical links Add “Tibetan Medicine”
October 1 theophyle Post “In The Mail”
September 3 bookstore Add Janwillem van de Wetering's “Afterzen”
August 31 ampers&nd Post “A New Theory of The Universe”
August 27 consider Post painting
August 27 health Add link
August 24 theophyle Post “Summer Flies”
August 15 openspace Post “Reconnecting To Your Inner Child”
August 2 theophyle Post “Fascinating Rhythm”
July 1 theophyle Post “The Priesthood”
June 1 theophyle Post “Jury Duty II”
May 29 art Add “Jackson”
May 29 linkseco Add “The EverGreen Home”
May 29 health Add “The Brain …”
May 21 anna Post “Sketch of Tree”
May 21 art Add Diane Collar's photography
May 16 myspace Add “Wired Safety”
May 13 health Add “Avoiding Hospital Inspection”
May 8 myspace Add “Latest Online Counseling”
April 30 gazebo Post “Learning from the past now?”
April 30 theohome Post “Jury Duty I “
April 29 bookstore Add new aStore
April 27 linkseco Add link to “Why Flowers”
April 20 various Turn off Earthlink SPAM protection
April 14 health Add “EMFs & Cell Phone Use”
April 11 desktop Add Open Forum update to 3.0.1
April 10 health Add “Produde Dirty Dozen”
April 4 tekstuff Removed non-functioning Symantec link and other revisions
April 2 health Add “Ear Wax”
April 2 myspace Add “Answering Richard Dawkins”
April 1 theophyle Post “In The Market”
March 29 riddle Redesigned
March 29 prayer Post “The Guest House”
March 13 health Post “Cancer Treatment'
March 13 links Add “Washington Monthly on Torture”
March 1 theophyle Post “Genealogy”
February 29 health Restore “Fully Involved”
February 29 prayer Add “Letter To A Friend”
February 22 myspace Add “Celextel”
February 22 openspace Post “The Awakening”
February 17 linkseco Add “myGreenElectronics”
February 12 myspace Add “Closer Than Close”
Februar 6 desktop New graphic and name for “desktop2.html
February 1 theophyle Post “Leap Year”
January 21 hatstuff New JavaScript
January 18 flags Add “Swaziland”
January 3 gazebo Post “And yet, is the body”
January 3 theophyle Post “Making Snow”
January 1 n/a Rollover this page for the new year


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