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Date Page Action
December 19 Open Forum Re-open Open Forum at new directory with new version phpBB3
December 16 Eco Links & Med Links Add “The Breakthrough Institute” and Several medical links
December 1 december Post “December Card”
November 23 myspace Add “Kiva”
November 18 prayer Post “Father, thou above”
November 3 theophyle Post “Drawing and Jumping”
November 1 thisthat Add “Journey Around The World”
October 20 amper23 Post “Stephen Cox” to Ampers&nd
October 17 linkseco Added “Green For All”
October 10 stories Renamed “Stories & Stuff” to “Books & Stuff”
October 1 theophyle Post “My Problem Is”
September 2 theophyle Post “Taking Vitamins”
August 16 myspace Post “Project Ijtihad”
August 7 ampers&nd Post “A Note on Consciousness”
August 4 openspac Post “What One Small Grain Learned”
August 1 theophyle Post “Living Trust”
July 31 Letters and others Initiate SPAM protection
July 7 Letters Post “Finding a Teacher “
July 4 theophyle Post “What Size”
June 17 theophyle Post “What To Read”
June 7 linksmed Add “Medication Sense”
June 6 linkseco Add “Commercial Free Childhood”
June 4 linkseco Add “2Recycle”, “Stop Global Warming”, and “IPCC”
June 3 ecocon Post Brother Theophyle on “Fresh Water Conservation”
May 28 anna Post “Setting Goals”
May 20 theophyle Post “Walking A Treadmill”
May 12 health Add “Burning Out Cancer” and “Chinese Medicine Forum”
May 6 theophyle Post “What You Ask For”
April 30 Open Forum Re-open Open Forum
April 16 consdr09 Post print “Old North Church, Boston”
April 12 theophyle Post “What Was Given”
April 1 theophyle Post “Not Quite Finished”
March 30 myspace Post “Wide Awake Living”
March 30 theohome New logo
March 21 theophyle Post “Taking It With You”
March 18 open0029 Added Editor's Note
March 14 links New page layout
March 13 art Post “Virgin and Child” by Sandro Botticelli
March 12 myspace Post “Satsang with Nirmala”
March 12 openspace Post “Deciding Peace”
March 8 theophyle Add “Writing A Novel”
February 28 links Add “Qur'an Tutor Online”
February 22 theophyle Post “How old?”
February 19 myspace Add “Soul and Peace”
February 14 theophyle Post “Abandoned?”
February 12 theophyle Post “Near To God”
February 11 openspace Post “Playing Our Part”
February 7 health Post “Hemorrhoids”
February 7 theophyle Post “Having It All”
February 6 myspace Add “Openhand”
February 2 theophyle, and, and, and Post “Forgiveness””Whoso Knoweth” “Favorite Music” & “Meditation”
February 2 openspace Post “Meditation Primer”
January 29 art Add “Kaneohe Bay”
January 28 theophyle & and Post “Teach us To Love” & “Can't Remember”
January 22 consider Post “Forgive The Day”
January 21 theophyle Post “The Middle Way”
January 11 theophyle Post “No How”
January 8 myspace Post “Wealth From Thin Air”
January 2 gazebo Post “Making of The Vessel”
January 1 gazebo Post “The Vessel”
January 1 theophyle Post “Doing Battle”
January 1 n/a Rollover this page for the new year


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