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Date Page Action
December 27 consdr14 Post “Mt. Kilimanjaro to Perry Maine”
December 19 ampers&nd Post “Whoso Knoweth Himself”
December 4 gazebo Post “Just like anything else”
December 4 myspace Add “Church of The Churchless”
December 2 gazebo Post “And if not, then not”
December 2 consdr11 Post painting “Pali Drive”
December 1 december Post “December Card!”
November 24 index Add link to blog
October 20 theophyle Post “Are you really?”
October 13 openspace Post “The Reflection of Your Life”
October 12 openspace Post “Animal Rescue”
September 28 linksmed Add “Chinese Medicine Times”
September 20 myspace Add “”
September 15 stop Post “Stop Spam” to Home Page
September 3 openspace Post “Watching Bodies Fade” and “A Short Story”
August 18 myspace Add “Ka Jewelry”
August 6 openspace Post “Letter To God”
July 29 health Add “Chocolate!”
July 26 myspace Add “ConsciousOne”
July 25 anna Post “Life is A Simple Thing”
July 21 theophyle Post “The Future”
July 7 prayer Add “Love Thee More Dearly”
July 7 bookstore Add “Francis of Assisi”
June 25 health Post “Hand Therapy in Downeast Maine”
June 24 open0076 Post “Holding Your Own Energy Field”
June 12 letters Add additional letter to “The Great Invocation”
June 9 theophyle Post “In The Garden”
June 6 openspace Add “Personal Transformation”
June 5 sources Add additional titles
June 1 art Add three new paintings by Paul Alexandre John
May 18 ecolinks Add “Animal Diversity Web”
May 8 openspace Post “The True Masters”
April 20 theophyle Post “Famous”
March 19 theophyle Post “How will I know?”
March 18 art Add link to Niagara Art Collection
March 9 index3 Add “The Sacred Riddle”
March 2 theophyle Add “Why did the human”
February 24 theophyle Amend “Creation & Evolution”
February 23 bookstore Edit “Thunder of Silence”
February 20 bookstore Add “Lost Christianities”
February 19 theophyle Post “Creation & Evolution”
January 31 linksmed Add veterinary links
January 24 theophyle Post “No Parking”
January 17 health Post “Leg Cramps”
January 17 theophyle Post “Deer Hunting”
January 15 myspace Post “The Spirit”
January 5 ampers&nd Moved “The War Prayer”
January 2 gazebo Post “The War Prayer”
January 1 theophyle Post “The New Year”
January 1 n/a Rollover this page for the new year


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