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Date Page Action
December 29 consider Post “A Seeker's Primer”
December 23 prayer Post “Your Beautiful Names”
December 17 videos Add “Seven Years in Tibet”
December 16 ecocon Add artwork “Girl in Field”
December 13 videos Add “Waking Life”
December 1 december Post 2005 December Card
November 30 open0020 Post “Putting Flower Essences on The Map”
November 3 ecocon Post photograph
November 3 health Post “Childhood Obesity”
October 31 health Post “Color Therapy”
October 15 theohome Post “Splitting Firewood”
September 4 prayer Add “Bless me into usefulness”
August 28 videos Add “What The Bleep ...?”
August 4 theohome Post “At The Auto Parts Store”
July 28 open0073 Post “Angel Under The Bridge”
July 27 consdr16 Post “Forgiveness”
July 24 pray091 Post “The Compassionate, The All Bountiful”
June 19 anna Post “The Case For and Against Celibacy”
June 19 theohome Post “The Most Difficult Thing”
June 15 videos Add “The Passion of Ayn Rand”
June 14 index3 Add “Technical Stuff” icon to Home page
June 13 tekstuff Add Symantec “Alerts” box
June 2 anna Add “A Daoist Immortal”
May 31 theohome Post “In A Mirror”
May 28 riddle Post graphic “Caged Birds”
May 16 theohome Post “All The Time”
May 11 myspace Add “Metaphysical Reviews”
April 13 myspace Add “Bruderhof Grief Companion”
April 3 open0065 Add “One Connection”
March 28 myspace Add “AcupunctureAtlanta”
March 16 open0020 Post “Undiscovered Feelings of Premature Babies”
March 4 gazebo Add to “Back to The Future ... Again”
February 23 theohome Post “More Like God”
February 22 gazebo Post “Back to The Future ... Again”
February 15 index5 Add graphics-free Home Page
February 14 theohome Post “Valentine's Day”
February 6 open0042 Post “What Secrets?”
January 31 prayer Post “A Welcome Opportunity”
January 27 videos Add “Ladyhawke”
January 26 myspace Add “Namaste Publishing”
January 21 theohome Post “Looking Better”
January 17 open0020 Post “Feel The Feelings”
January 9 myspace Add “Rose Cottage Flower Essences”
January 7 letters Post “Tsunami Children”
January 4 videos Add “Something's Gotta Give”
January 3 forum Add “Open Forum”
January 2 theohome Post “Not Everyone”
January 1 videos Add “Luther”
January 1 n/a Rollover this page for the new year


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