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Date Page Action
December 28 anna Post “How Could This Happen?”
December 21 thisthat Add link to “Democracy Now” & “Operation Truth”
December 21 ecolinks Add links to “Blue Planet Run” & “Shaman's Apprentice”
December 17 linksmed Add “Leapfrog Group”
December 13 gazebo Post “Back to The Future”
December 12 flags Add “Czech Republic”
December 12 myspace Add “Kabbala Online”
December 5 miscella Add new feature “Miscellanea”
December 1 december Post “December Card”, December Theo, and index3 icon
November 27 index & index3 Change “... The Spiritual Life” to “... Life & Living”
November 27 theohome Post “Not everyone”
November 17 art Delete art2.html & redistribute its paintings
November 16 prayer Add “Praise to Thee”
November 14 art Add “Flight!”
November 8 ecocon Post “Remember the Night of Broken Glass”
October 31 health Post “Sunburn” & “Facial Distortion Model”
October 28 myspace Add
October 15 gazebo Post “It's Evolutionary”
October 9 theohome Post “Warm in The Cold?”
August 10 itbtoc Upload “In The Beginning” in entirety
August 5 prayer Post “Take but a little word”
August 5 prayer Post “When you go apart”
August 4 videos Add “Tuesdays with Morrie”
July 21 gazebo Post “Prayer of The Heart”
July 18 open0072 Post “The Artist & The Title Wave: How Dreams ...”
July 15 flags Add Armenia
July 7 pray086 Post “An instrument of Thy peace”
June 30 letters Post “The Great Invocation II”
June 28 theo028 Post “Watering The Garden”
June 23 open0034 Post “The Reiki Nap”
June 15 theohome Post “Peace Conference”
June 8 letters Add “Purpose of Life”
June 7 theohome Post “Days Like That”
June 7 open0069 Post “Snakes, Orchids & Novels”
May 25 anna Post “About love”
May 24 open0071 Post “I am loved”
May 22 theohome Post “Difference?”
May 20 linksmed Add “Alternative Medicine Resources”
May 19 tektuff Add re W32/Lovgate.ab@MM
May 14 health Add “Bugs Be Gone”
May 5 gazebo Post “Courage To Stand Alone”
May 4 tekstuff Add re Sasser worm
April 30 myspace Add “Metanexus Institute”
April 28 theohome Add “Dominion”
April 27 myspace Add Nirmala's site
April 20 myspace Add Charu Bahri's book
April 10 links Add “Salt Crystal Lamps”
April 9 consdr20 Add “Rembrandt” photogravure
April 3 consdr01 Add “Psyche & Love”
April 2 theohome Post “At The Auction”
March 16 tekstuff Post virus alert
February 23 theohome Add “Hocus Pocus”
February 22 links Add Gnostic Society
February 20 tekstuff Post virus alert
February 19 myspace Add “Seishindo.Org”
February 18 myspace Add “Spirit & Sky”
February 16 awards Add “Spirit & Sky Top Site 2004” Award
February 12 theohome Post “A Dream”
February 9 links Add “Spirituality & Mysticism”
February 7 letters Post gnocco “Yes, but”
February 5 theohome Post “Past Lives”
February 4 health Post “Pasture-Based Farming”
January 28 letters Post “Tithing”
January 26 tekstuff Post virus alert
January 24 open0070 Post “The Moment of Vision” & “My Quiet Place”
January 22 theohome Post “Vacation Planning”
January 4 letters Post drypoint etching by Stephen Parrish
January 1 n/a Rollover this page for the new year

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