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Date Page Action
December 22 links Add “Inner Healing”
December 22 tekstuff Post virus alert
December 11 myspace Remove “Holistic Junction”
December 10 linksmed Add “Drug Digest”
December 9 myspace Add “Holistic Junction”
December 1 december Post “December Card”
November 20 myspace Add “Soul Healer”
November 3 letters Post “The World Today”
September 24 open0069 Post “Turning Back”
September 20 myspace Add “e-Circle U”
September 16 myspace Add “”
September 9 videos Add “The Cutting Edge”
August 28 awards Receive new award
August 28 links Add “Ink & Paper” to Poets, Authors, Artists
August 26 open0033 Post “Heaven Resides”
August 20 flags Add Taiwan
August 20 myspace Add “William R. Stimson”
August 15 videos Add “In Another Life”
August 8 myspace Add “In Another Life”
August 5 gazebo Post “Throw Away The Peel”
August 4 open0034 Post “An Awakened Life”
August 3 theohome Post “Not real”
August 3 myspace Post “K. Scott Teeters”
August 1 myspace Add “Gopi Krishna”
July 25 amper Add “U.G. Krishnamurti”
July 17 health Post “Pain Therapy”
July 16 gazebo Post “Bounty Hunting”
July 9 reviews Removed links to this page
July 8 open0019 Post “Message To Man”
June 26 cons27 Post artwork “Pieta”
June 23 myspace Add “Halls of Reiki”
June 8 links Add “Find Peace of Mind”
June 5 myspace, health Add “The Miracles Page” & re “MS & HBO”
June 1 letters Post “I can't find out”
June 1 videos Add “The Horse Whisperer”
May 23 & June 5 tekstuff Re phony support emails from “”
May 21 open0068 Add “Dreams are The DNA ...”
May 10 index Restore “The very Self”
April 26 reviews Post “HOME”
April 11 linksmed Add “Centers for Gayari Reiki”
April 7 myspace Add “Spiritual Atlanta”
March 23 videos Add video “Moonstruck”
March 23 cons21 Add “Please & Thank You”
March 22 myspace Add “Heart of Awareness”
March 18 open0068 Post “You Are Designed To Desire”
March 10 anna Anna's Page restored
March 6 theohome Post “What you see”
February 19 riddle Moved “The Sacred Riddle” items
February 12 anna Page removed for renovation
February 13 open0066 Post additional Darla Fitzgerald's poetry
February 7 healinka Combine health & medical links
February 1 consdr31 Post Karen Turdo's “Woman of Summer - Annie”
January 28 flags Add “Malaysia”
January 22 december Remove 2002 “December Card”
January 15 reviews Add “Meditation for Beginners”
January 9 myspace Add “To be a blessing”
January 1 theo Post Brother Theophyle cartoon “Who am I?”
January 1 n/a Rollover this page for the new year


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