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Date Page Action
December 19 links Add “Northwind Productions”
December 18 anna22x Post “Dadaji: Bhakti U.G.?”
December 8 gazebo Post “Life is not about experiences”
December 8 open0067 Post “Lucid Dream”
December 2 consdr26 Post photo
December 1 stories Post revised page
November 26 amper Post “The Path” by Richard Rose
November 19 open0066 Post selections by D. E. Fitzgerald
November 10 open0063 Post “Fall's Array”
November 6 bookstore Add “The Mother of God”
November 3 gazebo Post “You've got personality”
November 2 anna Post “It's all straw”
November 1 letters Post “Point of meditation?”
October 27 myspace Add “The Inspiration Station”
October 12 pray085 Add “Today I Forgot”
October 6 theohome Post “On this very site”
October 4 tekstuff Re W32.Bugbear@mm
October 3 desktop Post re Open Forum
October 1 open0065 Post “A woman gave”
September 27 amper Post “Seek The Source of Consciousness”
September 1 gazebo Post “That I AM”
August 30 anna21 Post “Money & The Spiritual Path”
August 22 anna21 Post “Desire and Destiny”
August 20 letters Post letter “Thank You!”
August 16 links Add Vic Peters and Life of Learning
August 12 gazebo Post “Thought is Carbon-Based”
August 5 letters Post re “The Great Invocation”
August 3 awards Add “Point of Life” award!
July 23 open0064 Post “Life”
July 16 pray084 Post “Thou hast made me known”
July 14 ecolinks Add “”
July 6 open0063 Post “Lourdes - My Dream Come True”
June 26 videos Add “Keeping The Faith”
June 23 anna01x Post “Tiger & Cobra”
June 5 letrs12 Post “Holy Company II”
May 31 anna20x Post “The Purpose of Life”
May 26 consdr01 Add “Fifteen Star & Animal Carpet”
May 14 open0033 Post “When Life is Joyous”
May 8 open0062 Post “Please See Through My Tears”
May 8 myspace Add link to “Journey of Hearts”
May 5 open0061 Post “The Broken Horse”
April 15 open0060 Post “What is My Purpose on Earth?”
March 25 ecocon Post “Migrant Madonna”
March 25 open0042 Post “Falling”
March 21 amper Post Ken Wilber's “A Spirituality That Transforms”
March 17 letrs12 Add “Pantheism?”
March 16 open0033 Post “In The Middle of The Night”
March 15 consdr20 Post Malvina Hoffman sculpture
March 14 reviews Add “Reviews” feature (”A Padre's Tale”)
March 12 open0059 Post “Will Clones Have Souls?”
March 6 health Post “The Wisdom of Eccentricity”
March 3 open0025 Post “Who can say”
February 19 gazebo Add “Oops, My Mistake”
February 16 consdr28 Post “ACIM as Yoga”
February 16 anna20x Post “Questions Answer Themselves”
February 12 anna20x Add half-tone “Tending Growth”
February 7 gazebo Post “Religion & Nationality”
February 4 links Add “Atlanta Advaita Talks”
January 31 anna20x Post “Authority”
January 29 ecolinks Add “Miraculous Messages from Water”
January 27 ecocon01 Post “Will we?”
January 25 club Club House changed to Open Forum
January 23 open0059 Post “Humankind - How Limitless in Genius”
January 21 amper Post Sri Swami Rama
January 6 anna19 Post “Thoughts about Projected Reality”
January 4 gazebo Post “Transcend or”
January 2 open0058 Review of “The Headless Way”
January 1 n/a Rollover this page for the new year


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