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Date Page Action
December 27 myspace Add “The Headless Way”
December 25 pray083 Add “Breathe in me”
December 24 open0057 Post “God's Delayed Response” & “Listen Up”
December 18 myspace Post “Ken Wilber: Speaking of Everything”
December 18 tekstuff, videos Post re “sulfnbk.exe warning”; add “The Third Miracle”
December 13 openspac Revised OS menu
December 12 myspace Add “The Virtues”
December 11 anna19x Post “Why Do Gurus Go Bad?”
December 10 club & anna18x Add “TZF's Club House”
December 9 open0029 Add “Letter to God”
December 8 gazebo Add “Clay Feet”
December 5 anna18x & consdr11 Post Chard's “Eclipse” and “Haiku”
December 5 tekstuff Add re “W32/Goner@MM”
December 1 myspace Add “The Blind Chihuahua”
December 1 december Post this year's “December Card”
November 30 open0033 Post “The Silent Telephone”
November 27 tekstuff Add re “Badtrans.b”
November 25 ecolinks Add the page
November 16 anna18x Post “Dealing with Death & Grieving”
November 11 myspace Add “Rick Ross” site
November 5 index Post new TZF logo graphic
November 5 myspace Add “Turris Eburnea”
November 2 myspace Add Art Hale's book “Christ, Yes: Religion, No”
October 31 letrs12 Post “Why the zoo fence?”
October 29 anna17x Post “Surrender Revisited” & move “Surrender
October 28 index & candle Front door restored
October 24 anna17x Post “There Is Nothing To Forgive”
October 17 heal04x Post “Are you afraid?”
October 13 amper Post talk by the Dalai Lama
October 7 pray082 Post “This is my song”
October 5 consdr05 & 06 Post Raffray etchings
September 26 consdr32 Post “The Real Battle”
September 20 pray081 Add “God is my shepherd”
September 19 gazebo Post “These Days”
September 16 anna16x Post “The Problem with Pride”
September 14 index Post temp index page
September 13 anna16x Post “For New York”
September 12 amper Post J. Vaughn Boone on “Death”
September 10 theohome Post “Talking to God”
September 8 open0007 Updated
September 7 tekstuff Add re “VBS.Haptime.A@mm” & “W32/magistr.b@mm”
September 6 thisthat Add “Public Library of Science”
September 5 tekstuff Re “W32/APost@mm”
August 26 open0033 Post “When Life Hurts”
August 25 letrs12 Post “Divine Love”
August 22 heal03a Post “Fully Involved”
August 15 myspace Add “Life Cycles Matrix” & “World Mandala Project”
July 29 anna15x Add “The Heart of The Matter”
July 28 flags Add “Cayman Islands” & “Singapore”
July 24 ecocon Post “The Power of Toads”
July 23 myspace Post “Wholeness Book”
July 21 health Re “dandruff & dry scalp”
July 8 open0056 Post “Don't Feel Afraid of Anything”
June 30 art Post Sharka Glet's artwork
June 28 open0055 Post “If I had it to do all over again”
June 28 desktop Re Greenwich Village Gazette
June 24 ecocon Install “Eco-Consciousness”
June 22 desktop Correction re “Our deepest fears ...”
June 20 letrs12 Post “It's all about ...”
June 20 letrs12 Post “Letter to God”
June 17 flags Add Brazil
June 14 gazebo Add “If Jesus”
June 6 myspace Add “Gilda's Club”
June 6 anna15 Post “Who's Me?”
June 4 gazebo Post “Twenty minutes”
June 2 videos Add “Finding Forrester”
May 31 tekstuff Virus alert
May 29 gazebo Post “Buddha in the grass”
May 15 consdr22 Add “Let us pray” and “Horse”
May 15 links Add “Quaker Archive” & “Soul Mates”
May 10 tekstuff Virus alert
May 5 consdr28 Post “I Am with you always”
May 4 pray080 Post “These few days”
May 2 letrs12 Post etching “Venice”
May 1 open0054 Post “Three nice links”
April 30 letrs12 Add graphic “Monk”
April 26 desktop Re “Seven Twentyfour”
April 23 open0017 Post “No matter what”
April 23 desktop Post NASA pix URL
April 20 art2 Add “Sea Gulls”
April 16 art2 Add four paintings
April 15 myspace Add “The Spiritual Traveler”
April 7 theohome Add “Which you?”
April 3 anna15x Add “Sea Dragon”
March 27 desktop Miscellaneous additions
March 27 flags Post new page: “Flags over The Zoo Fence”
March 21 amper Post Angela Passidomo Trafford
March 17 anna15x Post “The Loss of A Friend”
March 13 open0052 Post more “Journal Selections”
March 6 gazebo Addition to “Memories” discussion
March 5 open0033 Post “Here I Am, God”
February 25 letrs12 Post engraving
February 25 letrs12 Post “Don't think, do”
February 25 open0053 Post “Three prayers”
February 20 index2 Re keep it?
February 20 gazebo Post “Memories”
February 13 tekstuff Re “AnnaKournikova”
February 8 letrs11 Post “A sounds practice”
February 4 open0052 Post “Journal Selections”
January 30 desktop Add flags
January 29 thisthat Install “Thisenthat”
January 29 open0051 Post “God & Hamoud”
January 21 open0050 Post “John de Ruiter”
January 21 pray078 Post “Let there be light”
January 16 myspace Add “Magical Blend”
January 14 open0033 Post “Why Do I Write, God?”
January 13 open0049 Post “May I Go?”
January 5 pray077 Post “The same stream”
January 5 open0048 Post “I Am That 2”
January 2 theohome Post “So long!”
January 1 n/a Rollover this page for the new year

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